I bought your app and the package wont even run, no response when I try to launch it. — Asked by jclintdesign

Look on the top status bar there is a rule icon

Another thing - I have noticed that unsaved documents are tracked as "document activity", and they got tracked as separate item only after they get a name (saved). Can the time spent on an unsaved document be added to the file-time-track after it gets saved ?thanks again! — Asked by petrenku

No sorry only saved document are collected.

Hello,Document activity in Illustrator and Indesign doesn't work. How can I fix it? — Asked by dickkuyten

please join the beta group and download the latest version might help.

You state that logic pro document activity is tracked. This is not true, I spent countless hours today in Logic pro and while the app itself is tracked there is just "no document activity" stated which is wrong. — Asked by tigersoul925

Please Join the beta group and download the newest release:


hi. i have tried time track pro 'light' for some time and it worked like a charm. loved it. now that i have purchased time track pro, i realize that its document tracking is not working properly at all! only a few application's documents show up. and even those are shown with tracking times, that are sheer impossible (e.g. photoshop files, that i have worked on all day long are shown with 30mins only). please help to solve this. otherwise the whole app becomes kinda pointless. thx! — Asked by smokinkosmo

Can you post some more info? the logs files and the system are you using please.

Hi,I just downloaded TimeTrackPro from the App store and the program won't launch. Ironically I have wasted a lot of time trying to solve this problem. When I click on the icon in Finder, there is no response. Please advise. — Asked by brazenllama

Please look on your menu bar (near the clock) should find the icon to open it. 

does TTP work with safari? — Asked by flawedscribe

Yes Safari is fully supported, but not Firefox and is up to them to support Apple Script.

I am wondering how I can restore/recover my Time Track Pro data from my Mac's HD? My Mac recently crashed and I am using a backup from May 2012. Fortunately, I was able to save all the data from the original HD; what are the file names/locations where the Time Track Pro data is stored? I would like to grab these files and replace them with the files on the backup HD so that my Time Track Pro data can be as current as possible. Any info would be appreciated! — Asked by brunosmash

you can find the files here:

/Users/~/Library/Containers/it.bloop.TimeTrackPro/Data/Library/Application Support/Time Track Pro

Noticed today that Text Edit documents track but still no other documents that I have tried. Still using latest version on a OS X 10.8 machine. All options checked in the preferences and I did find my logs if you would like me to send those as well. — Asked by psulathrop

Please try to delete your TTP Preferences should work fine so it should be your system. Is really difficult to debug, try another profile for instance.

I purchased TTP three days ago and it is really useful so thank you for that. I have a question about documents tracking though. I was under the impression that it tracked more than just Adobe Products. Basic programs like MS Office for instance. I'm not seeing the Word or Excel docs I work on being tracked. Am I missing a config setting or did I assume incorrectly about the scope of document tracking? Thank You! — Asked by psulathrop

TTP Works with Many apps also Word or Excel are fully supported something should went wrong on your setup,  What version are you Running? Thanks.

Is there any way to export the reports? Or search within the reports? — Asked by bingston

Not at the moment

Is there a way to have Time Track Pro to launch at startup? Thanks in advance — Asked by bingston

Sure, Just add to login items.

I bought time track pro, but cannot easily interpret the statistics. What does the application measure? How long a window has been in front? (so reading something would count as time). Or how long a window has been in front and mouse or keyboard were being used? (so quietly reading something would not count). Or some statistical thing that interpolates between the two? Or what else? How can I interpret the data? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Time Track is a self monitoring time app, it can track the time spent on your Mac, on the applications, documents, and websites where you spend more time.

I dont have containers folder... :( — Asked by Anonymous

Or /Users/~/Library/Containers/it.bloop.TimeTrackPro/Data/Library/Application Support/Time Track Pro


/Users/~/Library/Application Support/Time Track Pro